Part of our cooking philosophy is utilising the maximum of our ingredients highlighting the Baltic Terroir Region and the Northern Hemisphere. Respecting our environment and natural products through natural cooking techniques.

    At Oneega beverages are carefully chosen for each dish or dishes created to fully compliment a beverage we choose to showcase. We ask for each guest to taste, to think, and to conjure on how each element plays upon the others.  All we do is treat equally each ingredient of your experience that passes through our hands. 

    The kitchen is focused by Kyle Baumgartner. A chef from the East Coast of North America, he has 16 years of experience throughout the United States and Estonia. 









    Handling the beverage and service is Helen Põder. An entrepreneur and sommelier with 15 years in the hospitality industry. Her experience includes being a service manager at Pädaste Manor among other locations.

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